Mariposa is a multilingual Montessori School located on Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington Center. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and caring educational environment for children, their families, and all our neighbors. Mariposa offers a Montessori-based early childhood program for toddlers and preschoolers as well as a diverse range of enrichment and after-school programming for children of all ages. Mariposa is committed to serving as a resource for parents, families, and the community through workshops, counseling services, and cultural events.


The Mariposa Approach


Mariposa is committed to providing its students and their families with an extraordinary educational experience. By combining the tenets of Montessori philosophy with new and innovative approaches to early childhood and foreign language education, Mariposa offers a welcoming and flexible learning environment that adapts to the needs of each child.

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The Mariposa Team


The passion and commitment of Mariposa educators is our school's most precious resource. With decades of cumulative experience working with children of all ages, our teachers fully appreciate the opportunity to play a role in the academic and personal growth of a child. Whether they are enriching their students through language instruction, providing them with artistic inspiration, or introducing them to the wonders of reading, nurturing and guiding each unique student is paramount. 

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The Mariposa Community


Through a variety of approaches, Mariposa aims to serve as a valuable resource to all of our partner families and neighbors, regardless of age, background, or association with our school. Through parenting workshops, cultural events, and community projects and partnerships, we are dedicated to our community and to contributing however we can. Emphasizing positive citizenship and engagement with our environment is prioritized both inside and outside the classroom.     

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