Now Enrolling for 2018-19

  • Toddler Program - Mariposa's Spanish/English toddler program is intended to provide a gentle and joyful introduction to the school environment for children aged 18-33 months. Sensory, musical, and artistic exploration will take place in both languages as fledgling students learn to interact with each other and their environment with care and understanding. Our Montessori philosophy emphasizes student interaction with the natural world, and we encourage this exploration both indoors (by caring for and learning about animals and plants) and outside (through exercise, gardening, and observation of nature). Our experienced instructors will help create a peaceful environment where a child’s positive sense of self is supported through real life experience, laying the foundation for a future in which every child becomes confident, capable, independent and happy.


  • Preschool Program - Preschool age children at Mariposa (2.9-6 years) benefit from a shared Spanish/English curriculum. Students will explore a stimulating Montessori classroom that fosters the development of social skills, coordination, and problem solving. Our expert preschool teachers will help guide students through diverse classroom and outdoor activities that allow them to explore wherever their natural curiosity leads them. A hands-on approach to learning is essential as students' cognitive, physical, and creative abilities flourish through interaction with specially designed materials. Mariposa preschoolers will engage with each other and the outside world, deepening their appreciation of friendship, nature, and community.


  • Language Immersion Afterschool - Available to students from 2.9 to 10 years of age, this innovative program provides children with the opportunity to learn, socialize, and play in an immersive foreign language environment. This program will take place each afternoon from 3:00-5:30 pm for preschool students and from 2:15-6:00 pm for elementary age students. Native speaking instructors will guide students on a Montessori inspired educational journey conducted entirely in Spanish, French, or Chinese. This afterschool operates according to the Total Immersion Method, an approach to foreign language education in which the language is the vehicle for class content and not the subject of instruction itself. This method takes advantage of children’s unique ability to absorb a foreign language naturally, the same way they learned their first language.

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